HotHouse Design & Post is a small design studio perched on the edge of Lake Superior.  

We design things.  We tell stories.  We grow visual identities.  HotHouse is the professional home of Chani Becker, chief designer and creative director.  Chani is an illustrator, graphic designer, video producer and editor.  Through HotHouse, she collaborates with writers, web developers, photographers, builders, printers, and other creative professionals to execute almost any scale of visual messaging for her clients.  

From logos, brochures and print ads, to large-scale museum exhibits, she embraces the challenges brought on by designing for a wide variety of spaces, formats, and audiences. Chani earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Video from Rhode Island School of Design.  Since then she has worked in the design agency and and media production environment as a video editor and graphic designer.  In 2008, she began HotHouse Design & Post to work directly with her clients to create outstanding design work, free from the overhead that a larger agency imposes.

Chani lives in Duluth, MN with her husband, daughter and son. They enjoy making music and art together on a daily basis.