The Edmund Fitzgerald: The Ship That Became a Legend

Maritime Museum

HotHouse worked with the Maritime Museum on the first large-scale exhibit on the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald. Aside from telling the story of that fateful night on Lake Superior, the exhibit focuses on the people who worked on the ship. Thanks to artist/craftsman Gordon Manary for building the signage boxes, mounting the flag, and installing all the pieces of the exhibit along with sign fabricator ShelDon.

Shipwrecks Alive!

Great Lakes Aquarium

The Shipwrecks Alive! exhibit opened at Great Lakes Aquarium on July 2nd.  HotHouse worked closely with the Aquarium to design all the interpretive signage for the exhibit, along with the logo and marketing pieces,  and the design of a 40 foot long photo collage and the look for the SCUBA history wall.

Fire, Ice & the Rise of Life

Great Lakes Aquarium

HotHouse worked closely with Great Lakes Aquarium in developing the interpretive signage for their most recent exhibit, Fire, Ice & the Rise of Life.  Here are a few examples of the signage.  We used the length of a human arm as a timeline from the beginning of the earth to present day.  

Return to the River: The History of the St. Louis River & WLSSD

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District

Sculptor, builder and craftsman Gordon Manary installs the 3D exhibit in the lobby of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District.  HotHouse designed the permanent lobby exhibit, which tells the history of the St. Louis River and the Sanitary District.  HotHouse collaborated with Manary, who built the exhibit display and created the sculptural elements of the three-dimensional timeline. The golden shovel marks the groundbreaking of the Sanitary District on a timeline that runs the length of the exhibit.  Other three-dimensional objects that mark the timeline include a petrie dish featuring magnified typhoid bacteria, and a water pipe dumping pollution into the St. Louis River.