Helping to fund Art & Media Education in Public Schools

Chris Monroe created the artwork featured in the fundraising poster designed by HotHouse Design & Post.

I was definitely one of those kids who benefitted from the art curriculum in my public school when I was growing up in Madison, Wis.  I loved painting, drawing, learning other skills like photography and the darkroom process, and eventually I graduated from High School and went on to study art, design and filmmaking.  But even for kids who don't self-identify as "artists",  Arts & Media education are crucial to their education. Art making develops critical thinking, focus, creative problem solving, engineering, design, and communication skills.  The list goes on.  So, when HotHouse was asked to design a poster to advertise a fundraiser for art education in the Duluth Public Schools, I was eager to say "heck, yes!".  The poster features artwork by Chris Monroe, who donated her talents to the cause.  The event raised over $3,000 for the Duluth Public Schools Art & Media curriculum.