Shipwrecks Alive! Exhibit Opens at Great Lakes Aquarium

Great Lakes Aquarium launched their latest and most ambitious exhibit, "Shipwrecks Alive!".  The exhibit explores what happens to ships after they sink and the wildlife that develop around the wreckage.  Using three shipwrecks around the world (the Great Lakes, the Pacific Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea), the exhibit explores how different water conditions effect the ship structure, how humans explore these underwater landscapes, and how wrecked ships effect the environment around them.

Along with the Aquarium staff, many artists, including lighting designers, scenic designers, and sculptors worked to bring this exhibit to life.  Chani Becker of HotHouse Design & Post designed all of the interpretive signage in the exhibit, the logo and marketing materials, and other special pieces for the exhibit - including a 40 foot wide photo mural wall and the overall layout of the SCUBA history wall.