Print Newsletters Help Keep Audience Engaged

I just wrapped up a flurry of newsletter projects and it caused me to pause a moment and reflect on how the printed newsletter is still an effective way to keep an organization’s audience engaged. Specifically, for organizations whose livelihood depends on the tourist season, a print newsletter is a meaningful communications piece that can keep the organization visible to it’s audience during the off-season. The cost is kept down by designing a template at the outset of the newsletter design process, and simply updating it quarterly or annually with new articles, photos, and other information. The organizational brand is maintained because the look remains consistent, and it makes the content-writing process easier when the design is already established. Two of my clients have been using the same templates I designed for them over eight years ago, and they still look fresh today. They feature coupons, articles, important contact information, fundraising calls-to-action, and photos that change throughout the year. Printed newsletters are still alive and well, and effective!