Ship Stories

Living on the “North Coast” of the U.S., one has the tendency to contemplate Lake Superior. Every day the lake seems to offer up a different mood, a different palette of colors and textures. The lake also holds many stories. I have been working with the Maritime Museum for the past several years as they update and create new exhibits to tell the stories of ships on the lake, and the history of Lake Superior shipping as it relates to our world, country, region and city. Most recently, HotHouse designed the new exhibit on the Edmund Fitzgerald, with photos featured below.

Prior to that, we designed an exhibit about WWII vessels that are still being used on the Great Lakes today. And before that, we were lucky enough to design an interactive exhibit about lighthouses on Lake Superior, collaborating with artist/sculptor/builder Gordon Manary on the 3D design of an interactive cabinet to display artifacts, engage younger visitors, and allow people of all ages to touch a smaller model of a lens.


Below are a few photos of the WWII exhibit “Serving Our Country… Then and Today”


And finally, a few pictures of the Lighthouse exhibit and cabinet details