HotHouse Team Wins National Ad Competition


This summer, Chani Becker (of HotHouse Design & Post) teamed up with friend Jill Ellen Hall, (creative powerhouse behind Duluth's Semblesque Performance Co.) to create a series of ads for a competition held by Flora, Inc. a company specializing in top-quality health and wellness products.  The ads were specifically for the anti-aging product "Floressence Rejuvenating Cream".

Flora, Inc. scored the over-200 entries based on creativity and continuity with their brand, along with the number of social media "votes" each ad received during the voting period.

Shortly after the online voting period ended, Flora, Inc. informed Becker and Hall that their "Crow's Feet" ad was the third place winner in the competition.  

"It was such a great experience working with Jill (Hall) again," Becker said.  "We had such a great time, and it shows in the work we did.  Our collaboration created something more than either of us could have created alone.  Well, us and of course Edger Alan Poe."  

Becker and Hall first worked together in 2010 on a project called 3N6D: 3 Nights in 6 Dimensions, a performance art collaboration with photographer John Heino and musician Alan Sparhawk.